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“If you’ve ever had a migraine or a stress headache, this is a LIFESAVER for you…”

My headaches began in my early forties. Of course, I’d had headaches before – but when they started happening every day, I began to panic. 

I assumed it was stress at first… But the pain just wouldn’t quit. It got worse. 

Eventually, my head pains took control of my life. My work suffered as a result of them. I felt less present with my family all of the time. I was completely drained of energy, most often. 

I went for a check-up to the doctor after a few months of severe but continuous agony every day. He prescribed medicines to ease the symptoms because that’s what you’re supposed to do with migraines (among other things). At first, I accepted this solution because there was little else I could do.

However, I got tired of popping pills every day. They made me feel sleepy and weak – and with each pill I popped, the idea of ever getting off them became more and more difficult. 

So I began looking for new solutions. However, every “alternative remedy” (yoga, massages, even a back brace) that I tried failed to provide the same relief as the pills worked. 

I was stuck: Do I want to be regarded as a “medical drug addict”? Or should I live my life in pain? It felt as if no matter what I did, everything would seem like halfway.

Can you relate?

Then my sister phoned me and informed me of the exciting news. She was overjoyed, practically begging me to come right away. When I arrived, my sister presented me with a strange-looking device and instructed me to wear it on my head.

“What the heck is it?” I asked. 

“It’s called the TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Cap,” she replied. It’s a unique device that uses hot and cold compression therapy to relieve headaches in minutes – and it’s 100% natural. My husband just acquired one, and he likes it… so I immediately thought of you when I heard about it.

Well, I’ll be damned if I didn’t snatch that weird gadget out of her hands before she could finish the sentence… and OH MY! I’ve never experienced such a sensation of relief fade away so quickly!

What is it?

The TheraICE Headache Relief Cap is a patent-pending hot and cold therapy device that provides natural headache relief of any kind.

Three reasons why it is distinctive:

  1. A device that is easy to use while providing hot and cold therapy.
  2. It’s the World’s #1 headache treatment to give 360-degree head coverage, offering maximum comfort.
  3. It’s constructed of dark materials, which naturally block-out light — a typical cause of headaches.

The “pain relief trifecta” makes the Headache Relief Cap a must-have for anybody who suffers from headaches regularly.

I prefer doctor-approved cold compression treatment – the Headache Relief Cap’s thermal insulation ensures that it stays cold for 10x as long as a wet washcloth, keeping it effective to disappear your headaches. 

I also use heat therapy to relax when I’m feeling quite tense. It’s fantastic to have both options!

How Does it Work?

Here’s the point: Before the Headache Relief Cap, I’d already tried cold compression with little effect, so I was curious… “Why does the Headache Relief Cap work well for me when the other options fail?” 

As it turns out, the 360° stretchable compression design of the Headache Relief Cap makes a significant difference. It can distribute compressive pressure evenly across your entire head because it wraps all around your head and allows you to get maximum relief from all of its headache-relieving points on your head.

And using the TheraICE Headache Relief Cap couldn’t be easier: 

                       To use the cold therapy, simply take your Headache Relief Cap out of the freezer, slide it onto your head easily, and relax for 15 minutes while you enjoy the relief!

                       To use the hot therapy, simply microwave your Headache Relief Cap for 10 seconds. If you’d like it a bit warmer, continue to zap it in 5-second intervals. When it’s ready, just slide it on.

Finally, the fact that it blocks out sunlight is significant. You’re undoubtedly aware that high light might cause headaches (or worse). Not only does the black material keep this sunlight from annoying me, but it also enhances my overall sense of relaxation. 

What Types of Pain Can it Help With?

The TheraICE Headache Relief Cap’s “dual therapy” approach is very efficient in relieving a wide range of head and facial pain, including:

  • All types of Headaches
  • Inflammation
  • Puffy eyes
  • Sinus and Stress Relief
  • Eye, Cranial, & Facial discomfort

Sufficiently, the Headache Relief Cap material has buttery-soft fabric that breathes freely, making it feel like a “cool pillow” around your head… which feels fantastic when your head is throbbing.

The Headache Relief Cap’s one-size-fits-all design makes it a handy tool for children and adults. It’s secure to use (even on bare skin), and there is no uncomfortable velcro, rigid inserts, or ice to deal with.

I’m happy that my doctor suggested the Headache Relief Cap… I highly recommend it to ANYONE with chronic headaches!

Concisely: If you or a loved one suffers from frequent headaches, you MUST experience the Headache Relief Cap for yourself.

What Else We Love About TheraICE Headache Relief Cap
  • 360 Degree Headache Relief – TheraICE Headache Relief Cap is the first headache treatment to offer 360-degree coverage, allowing it to apply moderate pressure at each “relief point” for maximum efficacy. There’s simply no better way to put it.
  • Works On All Kinds Of Headaches And Pains – The “dual therapy” method combines two therapies for one headache. It is effective for headaches, including tension, sinus, cluster, and migraines. It quickly relaxes other pains and aches by applying it to your neck, shoulders, eyes, and more.
  • Remains Cold 10X Longer Than A Wet Cloth – TheraICE is a cold compress warming device that modernizes doctor-recommended therapy, thanks to its innovative thermal insulation. It keeps your headache relief longer by maintaining frozen extras in the freezer or keeping it chilled long enough to last longer.
  • 100% Naturally Blocks Out Sunlight – According to WebMD, headaches are more likely to be sensitive to light. The Headache Relief Cap easily and comfortably fits over your eyes, while the extra-dark material completely blocks 100% sunlight.
  • Fit All Sizes – The lightweight, fluffy-soft, breathable fabric, and state-of-the-art gel liner provide a personalized and comfortable fit on every head.
  • Last For Years – With good care, each hat lasts for years and washes easily, so it is worn daily without losing its efficacy.
  • 100% Risk-Free (Even On Bare Skin!) – Traditional ice packs are messy and can cause frostbite or harm sensitive skin. TheraICE Headache Relief Cap maintains a chilly temperature that you may comfortably use fast-acting pain relief without hurting your skin.
  • With 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not 100% happy with TheraICE Headache Relief Cap for any reason, you may return it without any problems.

As Seen In

TheraICE Headache Relief Cap is already becoming well-known, which is no surprise! It is no secret that people worldwide are talking about it! (TheraICE Headache Relief Cap has already Over 1,000 5-STAR REVIEWS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

People using TheraICE Headache Relief Cap don’t just appreciate it because it is efficient, but it is simple to use.

It’s easy and inexpensive to consume, so there is no excuse not to order your TheraICE Headache Relief Cap right now! It is especially true since there are ABSOLUTELY NO RISKS in trying TheraICE Headache Relief Cap.

I appreciate the fact that this company backs up its product! Don’t you like it? For a full refund, please send it back. (won’t YOU order!)

Interested in becoming a part of the THOUSANDS of people who are enjoying quick, 100% natural, headache and migraine relief withTheraICE Headache Relief Cap?


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Real Reviews From Real Customers:


“This is a LIFESAVER! If you’ve ever experienced a migraine or stress headache this is the BOMB! I purchased this for my husbands valentine and he put it on immediately and started raving, said it was the best gift he’s EVER received! He wakes every night with headaches and sits with an old rag around his head…I feel so lucky to find this and assure you it will be used every day!!! I love the softness of the material and that it surrounds the whole head with no places that are sharp or rough, it literally can be turned 360* and feel as wonderful all around. We LOVE it so much that I’ve already purchased another one. The darkness of the pad is awesome due to the light sensitivity with migraines! I wish you could see the smile on my hubbys face! Thank You TheraIce.” – Valerie B.


“Cannot stress enough how much of a game changer this is. I get horrific migraines and keep mine in the fridge for whenever I need complete darkness and a cold pack. It’s made with a full thick wrap around gel pad inside of neoprene fabric so there’s no loose squishy gel that gets displaced in high pressure spots. It hits all of my worst migraine spots: temples, eye sockets, and since it wraps around it even gets the really bad spots at the base of your skull. My daughter has bad anxiety that makes her nauseous and we got one for her. She keeps it in the freezer and it never gets rigid, just super cold. When she starts getting nauseous she puts hers on and it makes her feel so much better.” – Clair


“I bought this for my wife.. she has migraines / bad headaches and ringing ears.. This helps her a lot and even provides some gentle pressure on the face and eyes which many people find soothing. Its a nice product.” – Russell S.


“This has helped my headaches SO much! It’s comfortable, fitted but stretchy, so I can wear it all the way over my eyes and lay down for bit. Other times when I need to work or stay mobile I wear it just above my eyes. Stays cold enough for long enough to help ease headaches before washing or throwing it back in the freezer for the next time.” – Marina M.


“I loved that this wraps around my entire head because I get severe migraines around 9 times a month. Also I don’t know what is in the gel in this but it is sooooo cold which I live for! As long as I take my meds as soon as I put this on it lasts just long enough for my migraine to calm down. Really love that it fits snug so I don’t have to mess with it. You can tell in the designing they really took migraine pain seriously and wanted to make a quality product! Thank you, thank you!!” – Kennan.

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