Modern and Revolutionary Smart Carbon Cleaning Gadget Kill Harmful Bacteria And Leaves Your Screens Crystal Clear

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People Are Going Crazy for this scientist’s brilliant invention for removing dangerous germs from phones, tablets, and other devices (including his own). 

Did you know that your cell phone has 18 times the bacteria of a public restroom? All the germs you touch throughout the day on grocery carts, gas pumps, doorknobs, and even other people, are carried onto your phone. 

And things aren’t getting any better; warm places like pockets and handbags serve as breeding grounds for germs. When we use our phones, therefore, bacteria can be transferred to our hands, faces, and everyday items like food, potentially putting us at risk of getting sick.

Isn’t it funny that we spend $100s and $1000s on expensive electronics with beautiful high-definition displays, only to resort to the low-cost rags and sprays to clean them? The problem with those so-called ‘screen approved’ clothes is that even with some extra elbow grease, they usually smear, smudge, and leave harmful bacteria behind

Now there’s a new product in the aerospace industry that everyone’s talking around. It’s an advanced carbon molecular cleaning pad that attracts and removes dirt, oil, and fingerprints. AND it combats bacterial build-up as well!

So, I bought one to see how it compares to my trusty micro-cloth and screen-clean spray. All I can say is that after my first usage, I got rid of my micro cloths and spray. There was no comparison.

Daniel Patton, the founder of Carbon Klean, made it for anybody who wants to keep their screens bacteria-free and crystal clear effortlessly. “This is the most amazing thing you’ll ever encounter,” said Daniel Patton, Carbon Klean CEO.

ScreenKlean is the most advanced cleaning solution available, making it possible to clean even the most sensitive devices on a molecular level better than anything else. ScreenKlean has already been purchased over 650,000 times around the world!

What is it?

Now there’s a product called ScreenKlean that makes cleaning with rags and liquids seem ridiculous. Unlike other screen cleaners that primarily smear and smudge, ScreenKLean has an inventive Carbon Molecular Cleaning Technology that attracts, captures, and eliminates dirt, oils, fingerprints, and fighting bacteria.


After just one wipe with ScreenKlean, your screens don’t appear only to be “better” than before; they’re actually crystal clear and spotless! 

And yes: ScreenKlean works on ANY and ALL devices – smartphones, tablets, e-readers, computers, TVs… everything!

The advanced carbon technology naturally combats bacteria on your touch displays, such as smartphones and tablets. So every time you clean your screen, you’re battling germ remains! That’s a 2-for-1 advantage I like! 

And don’t forget… 

NASA has already used this same carbon cleaning technology! So if it stands up to them, it can’t be a figment of my imagination.

How Does it Work?

The makers of ScreenKlean created a ‘smart’ carbon cleaning molecule. 

Here’s how ScreenKlean works… When you swipe the carbon pad across your device’s screen.

And replacing the dirty carbon pad is simple. Simply slide it back into the Recharging station. The PAD replaces dirty ‘Smart’ carbon molecules with fresh new, clean ones by the simple act of sliding. As a result, it’s ready for your next crystal clear cleaning.

The carbon molecules on the tip of the pad take the place of fresh and clean carbon molecules, which is what happens when you “recharge” it. Isn’t it fantastic?

Micro-cloths have the disadvantage of spreading dirt, oils, and bacteria around more than they clean.

Worse yet, those soft micro-cloths scratching your screens. It also damages your screens and lowers the quality of your HD picture – double yikes!


You don’t have to worry about wasting time cleaning with dirty cloth because it’s never needed. Have you ever looked at the gunk your cloth carries after WIPING your computer or tablet screen? It can be disgusting as well as full of bacteria!

Who is Good For?

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What Else We Love About ScreenKlean
  • Works On All Kinds Of Displays – Easily clean your smartphones, computers, tablets, TV screens, and other devices!
  • Fights Bacteria – The ScreenKlean’s advanced carbon technology safely and effectively combats bacteria accumulation on your touchscreens!
  • Long Lasting – Cleans your screens 100’s of times with each pad!
  • Eco-friendly & Safe – The carbon pads are all-natural, environmentally friendly, and free of harmful chemicals or poisons that are frequently present in liquid cleaners.
  • Never Smears – The soft carbon microfiber pads remove oil and fingerprints rather than smearing like cloths and sprays.
  • Won’t Scratch Your Screen – The ultra-soft carbon pads are 100% safe to use it on your pricey screens because they don’t scratch.
  • Simple To Clean – Simply sliding the carbon pad back into the charging station cleans and recharges the pad.
  • Travel Friendly – ScreenKlean is super portable, very light and compact, making it ideal for travel.
  • With 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not 100% satisfied with ScreenKlean for any reason, you may return it without any problems.

As Seen In

ScreenKlean is already becoming well-known, which is no surprise! It is no secret that people worldwide are talking about it! (ScreenKlean has already over THOUSANDS OF 5-STAR REVIEWS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

People using ScreenKlean don’t just appreciate it because it is efficient, but it is simple to use.

It’s easy and inexpensive to consume, so there is no excuse not to order your ScreenKlean right now! It is especially true since there are ABSOLUTELY NO RISKS in trying ScreenKlean.

I appreciate the fact that this company backs up its product! Don’t you like it? For a full refund, please send it back. (won’t YOU order!)

Interested in becoming a part of the THOUSANDS of smart people who are keeping their devices not only crystal clear, but safe from harmful germs with ScreenKlean!


If you order online using the link below, ScreenKlean has a few SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME DEALS going on. We can’t promise these savings will be available for long, but we’ll update this section if they go away…so if you’re reading it, good news!

Real Reviews From Real Customers:


“I live on my ipad for work and pleasure and it’s constantly gross, and covered I’m sure in bacteria. Now it’s clean ALL THE TIME and I was even able to get one in my favorite color. Thanks so much.” – Nancy.


“My tablet and phone always look so awful with fingerprints – I really do wash my hands on a regular basis! As soon as this arrived, I went to town on my Samsung tablet. Boy, did it make a difference! Now, I’m a wee bit obsessed with keeping that screen pristine, which isn’t a problem with the ScreenKlean!” – Susie H.


“BY FAR, the best screen cleaning device I have ever used. I have used microfiber clothes, sprays, and a variety of gadget and gimmick cleaners, but none of them have ever been as good as this device. Amazing!” – Anthony C.


“This item works great. Besides doing exactly what it is supposed to do, I love the fact that it has its own case so it can get tossed in a pocket or handbag. I’m going to get more so I have one in my handbag, my night stand and my car. EXCELLENT!” – Michie

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