The Most Affordable, Convenient, and Environmentally Friendly Way to Get Clean Water Anywhere is in This Tiny Pod!

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“My water began to taste better after the first time I used it once…”

Did you know that our drinking water, even in the United States, is tainted with pollutants including lead, fluoride, mercury, pesticides, and a variety of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses? 

For years, Medical experts have been concerned… tap water isn’t just unpleasant; it’s frequently dangerous.

That’s why I’ve been buying bottled water for a long time. Nothing beats bottled water’s crisp, clean taste, and there are plenty of other benefits to drinking it instead of tap water. 

Let me tell you before wandering: Yeah, we did obtain one of those pricey filters for our home tap, but it doesn’t come close to what you get from bottled. Even the most popular filter brand can’t filter the pollutants as much as you think.

However, there’s a problem with my bottled water “addiction”… It’s expensive! 

All of those bottles add up… I believe I spend around $2,000 each year on bottled water alone! 

Not only that, but all of those plastic bottles accumulate a LOT of trash in your home. It’s bothersome, and it’s unsightly and taking up space.

Worse yet, the majority of that trash goes into the ocean. As a result, our requirement for drinkable water that’s actually has had a significant impact on our wallets…our environment…and our sanity!

Can we relate?

That will all change soon. After one day removing dozens of used plastic water bottles from his automobile, most over half-full, American inventor Kent Atherton was determined to locate a better solution.

Kent was ashamed and disgusted by the wasteful consumption and inefficiency. He sought out world-renowned microbiologist Dr. Ronald Russell to help him realize his dream of developing a portable water purifier that would eliminate the need for single-use plastic water bottles. 

Fast forward to today: Customers are ecstatic, and experts have praised his invention. Since its invention, it has already received hundreds of verified 5-star reviews. It also WON the Healthy Home Award in 2020.

In addition, Forbes, Mashable, Digital Trends, NY Post, and Travel & Leisure publications featured it. It also won the “Top Product Award” from Review.com.

What is it?

It is called GOPure Pod: no matter where it is in the world, a compact ceramic pod that can purify any source of tap water in minutes.

Whether it’s in a bottle, glass, pitcher, or anything else – drop the Pod into your water – and it will begin to purify it immediately, removing any potentially harmful pollutants (bacteria, metals, fluoride, lead, arsenic) as well as other contaminants.

They not only purify your water, but the GOPure Pod also makes it TASTE great! (Less metallic and “pool-tasting” More crisp, refreshing, & delectable.)

Even better, the Pod lasts for SIX MONTHS! 

And you may take the reusable GOPure Pod with you everywhere you go because it’s so tiny! 

How Does it Work?

GOPure Pod works like a powerful little “magnet” for pollutants. It will immediately remove and absorb all the contamination, impurities, and toxic metals from the water.

It’s so simple to USE:

  1. Pour yourself a glass of water. (Anywhere in the World)
  2. Dip the Pod in your glass, pitcher, bottle, or whatever else you’re using
  3. Allow the Pod for 2 minutes to absorb the contaminants in your water. (A quick “swirl” of your glass or bottle will also help speed up the purification process.)
  4. Drink your clean, safe, crisp, and delicious water— leaving the Pod in its place!

How does it accomplish this? Each GOPure Pod comes with diatomaceous earth, naturally purifying water for over 20 million years. 

After each usage, the Pod captures and retains all pollutants, so there’s no need to clean or rinse it. Just lower it into your water bottle or a glass of water to reuse it again and again.

A single Pod gives you SIX months’ worth of fresh, clean, and crisp drinking water – over 264 gallons! That can save the planet up to 2,000 plastic water bottles… not to mention hundreds of dollars in wasted money.

Who is GOPure Pod Good For?

We recommend the GOPure Pod water filter because it OUTPERFORMS other brands, can be taken and utilized ANYWHERE and is ideal for almost everyone. However, its portable, compact, reusable, and long-lasting design is particularly advantageous for:

  • At Office – The water at my workplace had an odd taste. I keep GOPure Pod in my water bottle for a refreshing crisp taste now that I’ve found a solution to the problem!
  • While you’re on Holiday – You can also use it to conveniently filter drinking water at hotels, Airbnbs, or other locations. We didn’t have to worry about the drinking water in Mexico this fall since our GOPure Pods purified every glass we drank!
  • At Gym – You may use the GOPure Pod in your water bottle to keep it fresh and bug-free. You’ll always have safe drinking water for workouts by dropping the GOPure Pod in your water bottle as you fill it up at the gym or while running on the track.
  • Makes Coffee Tastier – Yes, you may also add your GOPure Pod to improve the taste of your coffee in the water reservoir of your coffee maker (better tasting water = better-tasting coffee)!
  • At Restaurant – The GoPure Pod is tiny and light, so it will readily fit in your purse or pocket. Drop it in a glass of water wherever you’re eating out.

I never thought I’d be able to have better-tasting AND safe drinking water at the same instant. 

I’m grateful that I discovered GOPure Pod. Whether I’m jetting off to Mexico for business, working at my local coffee shop, or enjoying a glass of tap water from home, I always have my GOPure Pod.

It’s not just about the flavor. You may never know what kind of hazardous metals, poisons, and contaminants are stalking in your drinking water.

The Bottom Line: When it comes to water filtering, the CLEAR WINNER is GOPure Pod. There’s no better way to ensure that you and your family drink clean, safe, and pure water wherever you go!

What Else We Love About GOPure Pod
  • It Works Quick – Once you put the GPure Pod in your drinking water, it begins to purify right away and will take only two minutes for your water to be clean (and is tasty!) 
  • It’s Entirely Safe & Natural – To make the Safe and Secure GOPure Pod, it uses Earth’s natural components, which are 100% genuine for the entire family!
  • Use it Anywhere – Drop GOPure Pod in your water bottle, glass, pitcher, coffee maker, pet’s water bowl, and more to use it anywhere.
  • Saves YOU $1000s – The GOpure Pod is also the world’s most efficient water filter, purifying up to 2,000 water bottles (264 gallons) per Pod – that’s the equivalent of $1,230 in savings with every Pod you buy.
  • Comfortable – The GoPure Pod is so light and portable that you may take it with you wherever you go!
  • It Requires No Maintenance – You won’t have to clean it or rinse it between uses because there’s no need to do so, and the filtration system will provide continuous performance for SIX months.
  • It is a Green Business – Each Pod saves up to 2,000 plastic water bottles, keeping single-use plastic out of our oceans. Switching to GOPure Pod is making a significant impact! It’s environmentally friendly.
  • With 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not 100% thrilled with GOPure Pod for any reason, you may return it without any problems.

As Seen In

GOPure Pod is already becoming well-known, which is no surprise! It is no secret that people worldwide are talking about it! (GoPure has already over 5,000 5-STAR REVIEWS)

People using GOPure Pod don’t just appreciate it because it is efficient, but it is simple to use.

It’s easy and inexpensive to consume, so there is no excuse not to order your GOPure Pod right now! It is especially true since there are ABSOLUTELY NO RISKS in trying GOPure Pod.

I appreciate the fact that this company backs up its product! Don’t you like it? For a full refund, please send it back. (won’t YOU order!)

Interested in becoming a part of the THOUSANDS of people who are drinking pure, safe, and delicious water anywhere they go with GOPure Pod?


Right now, if you order online using the link below, GOPure POd has a few SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME DEALS going on. We can’t promise these savings will be available for long, but we’ll update this section if they go away…so if you’re reading it, good news!

Real Reviews From Real Customers:


“Good product and very convenient to own. I can taste the difference in the water using the GoPurePod and find the taste better than my Brita pitcher. I live in a municipal area that has very good tap water, but the GoPurePod still softened it and I can tell the difference. I’m really happy that I bought it especially since I carry my water bottle and fill it up from so many different water sources!” – Mary D.


“I am not sure why this product doesn’t have more reviews because it is incredible. I’ve used a few other similar filtration pods but nothing this small and works as well. Our water is not bad in Arizona but I, and several others, can taste a significant difference in overall taste and crispness. After trying local tap water and tap from other states, it is clear how much this little thing works. I bought one to start for my pitcher and I am purchasing more for individual water bottles. It’s really nice to know your drinking just water and nothing harmful. Definitely buy one, you won’t be disappointed.” – Kristin


“I love this product. I leave it in my water bottle and it makes me feel much better about drinking water when I am traveling or just out. Super simple and easy to use.” – Ronny


“I love this. I stick it in my Healthy Human water bottle and off I go. I made the mistake of drinking water from “work” one day and it tasted awful so I invested in one of these and now I’m happy. The water tastes good. Worth every penny. I will definitely buy again” – Jennifer L.


“Really works! My area has extremely hard water with high percentage of chlorine. I have a large 128 ounce water bottle for my daily intake. One of these cartridges cleans all the water in minutes. It lasts for about 6 months before needing to replace. Better and cheaper than Brita.” – S. Montoya


“I love having the ease of drinking clean water wherever I go now. Great for when you need to fill up at a drinking fountain or on the go. Always tastes cleaner with this filter.” – Jason M.

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